We don't need an office. But we still need to talk.

We've been a small & distributed team for years, so we understand the problems remote creates. Talking is valuable in work, teamwork & life - JCK makes talking easier whatever the task & wherever it's getting done.

Notably, JCK is built for talking live as well as for talking async. JCK gives everyone their own private channel, so teammates can connect successfully whether both sides are ready (to talk) or not. It's a totally fresh way to talk.

We're ensuring more people enjoy the natural advantages of voice: it’s not only easier to talk than type, but according to research speaking is 7x faster than typing. While calls & meetings suck up hours and steal time in scheduling, scientifically-speaking JCK offers a fast, efficient and productive alternative for teams to talk alongside chat. We're proud that a growing set of remote teams are using JCK because they see how JCK brings conversing back to work, and how this new way of talking makes work easier, more delightful and more productive.

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Imagine it!

Come work with us. Build JCK.

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Join us! Are you inspired by making millions of people's daily lives easier? If you believe everyone should have a place to jack into, reach out to us on JCK! We're looking for self-motivated teammates. Life is better with volume and we want to hear from you.

It's time to elevate voice.

How we work has evolved -- today the workplace includes homes, garages and kitchen tables. The modern team is distributed. Organizations are finding people can be productive anywhere... provided they have the right tools. So while the world may be going "remote" nobody wants to feel remote. When we realized talking has suffered as the working world has moved to async, we recognized the opportunity to make a tool to bring people closer who work remote.

Our mission is to make it easy for the world to use their voice, in work and life.

Talking: easier & faster... like it used to be (not so long ago)

Today JCK is a simple tool for teams that want talking to be a part of work. JCK works alongside other tools for meetings, internal communications (Slack/Teams) and email. Meetings shouldn't need to be proposed and scheduled to talk. That's counter-productive. Conversations should happen naturally. That's what JCK offers - simple, fresh, audio conversing, that blends talking async and live.

JCK adds just one twist on normal conversations: JCK transmits your voice, plus transcribes notes for you -- so your recipient can read and reply instantly. It's async talk. And it makes talking easier, faster and better. Because JCK relays the crisp raw audio stream of course JCK relays your message too, but JCK also gives everyone control over each utterance - so conversations on JCK are ephemeral and more useful. And now, they can last as long as you like.

With this small change, now you have a way to be more accessible, no matter where you have your "office." It's a faster, feel-good way to talk, for teammates. By combining async (messaging) and LIVE communication whatever you say on JCK is instantly transformed into 1:1 and group messages.

Talk re-imagined for today...

We made JCK to make teams more productive, but also to feel more connected.

Having JCK along your other tools makes you a better communicator, just by being available. JCK opens a private line of communication for you, to your team, and for them. You don't need to always be ready to talk, but being addressable means your team has a way to get messages to you by talking. It's even more efficient than when you're actually face-to-face because it's two-sided - a talk platform for teams.

Voices should be heard.

JCK is special because it combines the humanity of your voice (as audio) with the power of messaging... and makes your voice an authentic productity tool for everyone you talk to.

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